Video: Muthoni The Drummer Queen – Nai Ni Ya Who

Let’s get this out of the way: Muthoni the Drummer Queen is killing it right now. She is one of the few entertainment entrepreneurs, who is making major waves around Africa. It looks like her latest project is going to take her to the next level.

Muthoni officially released her latest single, “Nai Ni Ya Who”, from her highly anticipated album,”MDQ”, today (18/10/2013). Every week, a new single will be put out from the album so you can savor each song.

We’re digging the “Nai Ni Ya Who?” sound. The hardcore bass, the prominent drums and attitude on the track is all Muthoni and it’s working. This single is a reminder of her swagger and dominance on the music scene. In one line, the bold singer says:”Nai ni ku struggle, Nai ni ku hustle”, and her fans will agree that her hustle is looking pretty good right now. Muthoni Ndonga is the founder of the popular event, Blankets and Wine, and now has a hot new album for you to enjoy.

I think you’d agree Muthoni Ndonga is one of the only artists in East Africa, who can say “Nai Ni [Yangu].” She has earned her title as the Queen with her latest single. Let’s watch to see if the other songs on MDQ will live up to the hype.

We want to hear from you, are you digging Muthoni’s track “Nai Ni Ya Who?”

Listen and download the single here and tweet your thoughts using the hashtag, #NaiNiYaWho

For more information, log onto: or Muthoni The Drummer Queen (Facebook).